Obscene Oblivion Studios

Full time artist creating custom art commissions, print designs and kawaii nerdy accessories! Come and see my colorful world! 

About Me

Mary Rebecca Stockton

store owner

Welcome to my dream! I have always since i was a little lass had dreams larger then life! As I grew i faced many hardships but i never gave up my dreams. Since i could make a fist and hold things i have had some kind of artistic element in my hand. Weather i was doodling on every scrap of paper or covering things in paint i was trying to create! When i was a preteen I started making tactile items with clay and beads but drawing was always my main passion. I am now living my life as a full time artist! You can find me on the road selling my goods at art shows and conventions! Please take a look at my social media and if you get a chance check me out at a show! I have many more products then I listed here! I hope to meet you sometime!